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Westcoast Kassy

Enter The Psychedelic World Of WCK

Hey! I'm westcoast Kassy! A local artist in Austin, Tx and originally from Orange County California! I went from hanging up art in smoke shops in 2015 to reaching every single one of you...Welcome to my page! Art has been my passion since I was a kid so I decided to bet on myself and turned my love for art into a business! Being an artist full time has really been the biggest gamble, but I couldn't do it without the love and support from you guys! When I'm not in the studio making art, you can catch me at local art events, Its always a great time and a good way to stay connected with my community! I absolutely love being an artist and making my dreams come true...Im excited to see what 2024 bring me!

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Custom Order

I have made so many custom paintings through out the years! it quite special for me to bring  painting's to life from someone else's creative thoughts! If you are interested in your own custom painting send me a message and will get to talking!

WCK Gallery

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